Drum Corps Ask.

  • The Academy: Which corps has the best looking uniform?
  • Blue Devils: Which corps do you dislike? Why?
  • Blue Knights: What is your all time favorite show?
  • Blue Stars: How do you feel about props being used in shows?
  • Bluecoats: Which corps has the best drumline?
  • Boston Crusaders: Where does there need to be more corps?
  • The Cadets: What was your first time watching a corps like?
  • Carolina Crown: Which corps has the best brass sound?
  • Cascades: What would you do to help promote more people to be involved in drum corps activities?
  • The Cavaliers: Would you join an all-female corps if there was one? / What do you feel about all-male corps?
  • Colts: What is your favorite part about watching corps perform?
  • Crossmen: Which instrument is your favorite in drum corps? Why?
  • Glassmen: If you could bring back one corps that's folded, which one would it be?
  • Jersey Surf: If you were to create a concept for a corps show, what would it be based on?
  • Madison Scouts: What kind of person do you think you would be like/are like in corps?
  • Mandarins: Whose show do you want to see the most live?
  • Oregon Crusaders: Who has the best front ensemble?
  • Pacific Crest: List your top 12 pick this year.
  • Phantom Regiment: Where would you audition if money and location was not an issue?
  • Pioneer: What do your parents think about drum corps?
  • Santa Clara Vanguard: Will you have your children march corps? If so, which instrument and corps.
  • Spirit of Atlanta: If you were to start your own corps, what would be the name?
  • Troopers: Two corps that you want to see have a drumline battle.


band is one of those things where you start out as strangers and probably disliking each other but you end up coming together as friends and you’re willing to work through anything to achieve that ultimate goal of having a good show 

it’s literally a fantastic social experiment that gets people to set aside their differences and makes them work together 

and it’s even more intensely fueled in dci